Academy of Finance


‚ÄčWelcome to the Finance Academy
East Davidson High School

The Academy of Finance introduces high school students to the broad career opportunities of the financial services industry, opening the door to new options and equipping students to make sound choices for the future.  Technology has revolutionized the financial services industry, creating demanding positions in need of talented applicants who have mastered both the technical and soft skills, including the ability to communicate effectively, solve problems, and work as team members.  As the financial services field continues to grow, this professional technical knowledge is more critical than ever, and can often make the difference in a highly competitive job market.  

The Advisory Board of our Academy is a group of devoted professionals who are very involved in the education of our young adults.  The board is made up of accountants, business entrepreneurs, public relations director, and educators who strive to ensure our students receive the quality of education and updated information in the financial industry.  

The Academy has been very successful because of the involvement of our Advisory Board.  Students are succeeding at the highest level while learning how to function in the "real world."

2016-17 Academy of Finance Information & Application
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