Drivers Education
The Driver Education class schedule dates and times for the Summer 2017 have been posted. Applications for the Summer session will be available on May 22 in the school office and on the EDHS website. Close date for the application will be June 7 and the Roster will be posted by June 8 at the EDHS office and online.
Any addition information that isn't on the website you can email

Davidson County Schools' DRIVER EDUCATION: 

Students who attend and do not finish the class and/or fail will have to wait to retake the class. Students who sign up but not show up for the class or drop out will not be enrolled into the next class. Instead students will have to wait for the second class after the one they did not show up for or dropped out of or failed or dropped due to absences or discipline. Repeating the course will mean students have to pay a second fee of $32.50. No Driver Ed fees are refunded on account of a student failing the class or dropping the class once they have attended.

Driver Education Fee:
  $65 per student. This fee is required of all students who take Driver Education and will not be waived.

  We plan for two classes each semester, provided at least 45 students show up.

  EDHS Cafeteria

Please read the FAQs and the application before completing the application.  There are very few questions not covered by these documents.  Email Mr. Meredith afterwards if you still have questions at

Please reset printer margins to one-half inch (.5") all around to print on one page for applications.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted--students must sign the form as well as a parent/guardian.

Drivers Education FAQs

EDHS Drivers Education Class Information

Inclement Weather Procedures

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