Brittany Bryant

**REMOTE LEARNING: All Earth & Environmental Science online resources are on my Canvas page**
We are now onto the 3rd segment of our Remote Learning. You will go to the Assignments tab and all of your work will be under the title Remote Education 3 Assignments. If you haven't finished work in the Remote Education 2 section, please use the next couple of days to get caught up. You can use the other notes and videos under the module tab to help you with your assignments. I have also recorded a conferences for you to listen to that goes over the Atmosphere Slideshow. I will be adding conferences and other assignments later in the week. Please email me if you have any questions!
     -submit on Canvas - if your assignment has a tab that says SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT, you will click on it and use the text box to type in your answers and then click on Submit again. 
     - take a picture or scan - if you have a smart phone you can use the NOTE app and scan your work.You can email me the scanned document or send through Remind
     - Turn in on drop off dates - if you're using paper copies and do not have a way to scan and send via email, then turn in your paper copies during the next drop off date
Lastly, the notes I've given on Canvas need to be hand copied into your notebooks.
*If you're still unsure on how to turn in assignments please email me or send me a message on Remind*
**UPDATES: I will be posting updates on my Remind. Here are the links and codes for each class:
           1st period:
           2nd period:
           4th period:
**GUARDIANS: Please make sure your children have completed the work that has been assigned so far**
If you have ANY questions please email me.
Hi! I'm Brittany Bryant and I teach Earth and Environmental Science at my alma mater, East Davidson. Go Eagles! I received my BA in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations from Gardner- Webb University. I started out my teaching career as a substitute teacher and enjoyed it so much that I decided to take the plunge and become a full-time teacher. Science is my favorite subject and I love being able to talk with students about it every day!
My Schedule:
1st period - Earth and Environmental Science 8:00-9:30
2nd period - Earth and Environmental Science 9:40-11:00 
3rd period - Planning 11:15-1:20
4th period - Earth and Environmental Science 1:30-3:00
You can contact me at