Danielle Kearns

"We must all do theatre, to find out who we are, and to discover who we could become." -Augusto Boal
Welcome to the theater! East Davidson's drama program is designed to help student's (grades 9-12) explore the world of theatre. This includes performance, theatre history, technical theatre, and arts management. Throughout the tiered course of study, students will develop and mold skills in public speaking, teamwork, creativity, and individualism; all of which are essential in the program, but also in other areas of academia. 
Students also have the extra-curricular opportunity of participating in drama club and/or the after school production in the Spring to gain experience in the field and leadership experience. 
This is my second year teaching at East Davidson High. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Education at Appalachian State University, and have been participating in productions since my own years in high school. Musical Theatre is my passion, and is what inspired me to teach the subject. I anticipate a great year ahead as I watch each student's potential and creativity flourish!
Feel free to contact me at: daniellekearns@davidson.k12.nc.us
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Beginning Theatre (1st Period): njwkruv
Intermediate Theatre (ALL): vkwifip
Proficient/Advanced Theatre (ALL): fpem3rz
Beginning Theatre (4th Period): gb7xiqo          

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Theatre Arts
Room 203
1st:  Beginning Theatre
2nd: Planning
3rd:  Intermediate                  Theatre
4th:  Beginning Theatre