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Graduation Information


Senior Info Update


Cap and gown pictures - April 12th


All students are encouraged to get their pictures taken, but purchase is not required. All students will need cap, stole, gown, tassel and any additional stole/cords that they have earned and are recognized by East Davidson High School. Men are to wear a white shirt and black tie. Ladies wear clothing that does not show through or under the gown. Everyone is to wear black dress shoes.


Cap and gown delivery during lunch - April 10th
Seniors receive their cap & gowns, invitations, etc. at lunch.
Seniors should hang their gowns up so the wrinkles can start falling out before cap & gown picture is taken.
Be sure to try on your gown when you get it home to make sure it fits.
Senior Graduation Walk - April 18
All seniors will travel to our elementary and middle schools to walk the halls in their cap and gown.
You can wear your normal school clothes under your gown.
Please follow EDHS on Facebook and Twitter.
Our Media Center staff will be posting pictures and video of the event!
Senior Awards Day - May 24
Seniors will be in the gym and seated at 7:45 AM for awards day practice and must be dressed in full graduation attire. Awards day begins at 9:00 AM. There will be a section reserved for the parents. Seniors who bring a note from their parents with permission to leave after the awards ceremony will be allowed to do so, but this absence will count as an absence from third and fourth period. Each senior needs to understand that if he/she does not attend the Awards Day Program, he/she will be counted absent for the day. This could take away an exam exemption or cause the student to have over eight days, which could mean no credit in a course.  Juniors and seniors will be directed where to park so parents can park in the lower lot in front of the gym.
Senior Exam Schedule
o First and third period: June 4
o Second and fourth period: June 5
Graduation Practice - June 7 (MANDATORY)
Breakfast will be served in the cafeteria starting at 8:15am. Drinks will not be provided so please bring your own.
Graduation practice will begin at 9:00am in the gym.  We will not wait on you to start. If you are late, you take the chance of not being able to participate in graduation on Saturday.
All candidates for graduation MUST attend. If a candidate for graduation does not attend practice, he/she will NOT be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony. At the conclusion of practice, nine graduation tickets will be distributed to each senior. Five of the tickets will be one color and the other four will be a different color. In case of bad weather and graduation must be moved into the gym, only five tickets of the same color will be allowed to enter. All nine may be used at the stadium. Each person, five or older, entering graduation must have a ticket.
**Seniors still owing fees and/or detention will be notified. All fees, monies, and/or detention owed the school must be taken care of today in order to graduate. Mrs. Garrett will be at breakfast to collect any fees still owed.**
Graduation June 8 - 9am at East Davidson Football Field
Graduation Attire: “Sunday Best” dress is required under the graduation robe.  No jeans, flip-flops, shorts, or other casual attire.  Young men should wear a white, collared shirt with a black tie, black dress pants, and black dress shoes.  Young ladies need to wear dress-code appropriate school attire that fits the formality of the occasion along with black dress shoes.  Please avoid long dresses that hang from the bottom of the robe.  All students will need cap, stole, gown, tassel, and any additional stole/cords they have earned and are affiliated with EDHS.
Seniors must be at the gym by 7:45 AM. Be dressed and seated by 8:00 AM. Any graduating senior who is not dressed according to the dress code listed above will not be allowed to participate in graduation (State law gives the principal of the high school the legal right to set the dress for graduation.). Again, if you need help in meeting the dress requirements, contact Mrs. Sink in Guidance by March 1st and we will try to assist you. If graduation is held in the gym, seniors are to report to their homerooms upon their arrival.
At the graduation ceremony, we have arranged for a photographer to take the picture of each senior as he/she receives her diploma.


Please contact Mrs. Miller ( or Mrs. Norris ( with any questions regarding ALL Senior/Graduation activities.)


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