Scholarship Information

State Employees Credit Union scholarship and supporting documents - please see links below
*Application must be completed, saved, and emailed back to Mrs. Sink ( in a Word document.
*Consent form must be completed, signed, and either scanned and emailed to Mrs. Sink or printed and returned to Mrs. Sink
*Student must submit a copy of their university acceptance letter.
*Student must submit a photo (head shot only).
Davidson County Education Foundation Scholarships

The scholarships listed below are offered through the Davidson County Education Foundation.  To apply for any of these scholarships, use the following application link:

If the scholarship requires a recommendation, there is a link on the application that you will send to the person who is completing your recommendation. Please read the descriptions of each scholarship in scholarships newsletter #8, in order to determine what each scholarship requires you to submit. You will be able to upload any supporting documents (statements of financial need, extra-curricular activities, etc) directly to the application. All applications and supporting materials must be submitted through the above link by March 26th by 3:00pm.  (There will also be paper copies of these scholarships in the scholarship cart in guidance, if you would rather complete a paper application.  If you choose to complete a paper application, it is due, along with recommendations and supporting documents, to Mrs. Sink by the same date/time as above.)


Brighter Future Scholarship

Clate F. Huffman Scholarship

Davidson County Education Foundation Scholarship

E. Lawson Brown Scholarship

E. Tom Kearns Scholarship

Janet Atwood Scholarship

Joseph Curry and Audrey Leonard Regan Scholarship

Max Walser Scholarship

Peggy Barnhart Scholarship

SOAR Scholarship

Susan Clark Ryan Scholarship

Thad Hartley Scholarship

Wayne H. Shoaf Scholarship