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Class Information

Welcome to the wonderful world of History and Politics.  
TJ Norris
Head Coach Basketball
Asst. Football Coach
B.A. in History - UNC-Charlotte 2008
8 years teaching
1st Period - Civics and Economics Honors
2nd Period - AP GoPo
3rd Period - Civics and Economics Honors
4th Period - Planning (Best time to reach me)

Dear Parents and Students,


I am excited and looking forward to beginning a new semester as I hope you are.  The semester should go smoothly as long as the guidelines are followed.  I will be teaching your child American History II or Civics and it moves quickly so they will need to do the work assigned and be diligent.  The NC Standard Course of Study can be viewed at


Materials needed: Three-ring binder, loose leaf paper, pen or pencilResponsibilities:  Complete all assignments, including work missed during an absence.  Missing work can be made up anytime in the 9 week grade period, but the student needs to inform me and I will gather their materials. 
Homework will consist of short checkups on Google Classroom about every other week that requires students to read a primary source and answer 5-10 questions. I would like them to get used to this type of system because when they enter college or job market, this will be what they will more than likely see.
Testing: There will be 9 tests this semester.  The students will know when the test is at least 2 days ahead of time.  With that being said, I should never hear, “we have a test today?” – That will not work! 
Progress Reports: I will be giving out progress reports when they are supposed to go out based on the school calendar.  Also, if you ever need one for any reason, feel free to call me and I can go over whatever it may be that you are inquiring. 
Classroom Rules: This is the main rule; DO NOT TALK WHILE I AM TALKING.  I will not tolerate students talking while I am.  Any other times throughout class, I can deal with.  Do not talk while a classmate is talking, you will be sent out for the disrespect.  Obey school rules, accept responsibility for your actions, no sleeping, voice your own opinions about the subject matter, participate! 
Tardy Policy: Be in my classroom and ready to start the day when the bell rings
Bathroom policy: The student may use the bathroom as needed without abusing it. 
Grading Policy: Major - 60%, Minor – 30%, Homework/Class work – 10% 
Final Notes: Success in this class is achievable by constantly refreshing the mind because history is memorization and connecting events.  I want every student to be successful, but if the student is unwilling to help themselves then I will focus on the students that ‘want’ to be successful.  Everyone can do well in my class, I enjoy teaching and I look forward to being in the classroom.  I guarantee that the students will enjoy this class overall if they allow themselves to be taught and “buy-in” to what I am doing. 




Please feel free to contact me if questions or concerns arise. 

Call me at East Davidson 1:30a-3:30p. 

Email address