Driver's Education August Class

Welcome to East Davidson High School
Driver's Education
East Davidson's next in person Driver's Ed class will begin on August 1st and end August 8th. Classes will be on Monday - Friday (8:00am to 12:30pm) and one Saturday morning (8am to 12:30pm).  Students must be 14 years and 6 months to apply.
     Students who attend and do not finish the class and/or fail will have  to retake the class.  Students who sign up but do not show up for or drop out will not be enrolled in the next class.  Instead, students will have to wait for the second class after the one they did not show up for; dropped out of; failed; or dropped due to absences or discipline.  Repeating the course will mean students have to pay 65.00 again.  No Driver's Ed fees are refunded.
Driver's Education Fee:  $65 per student.  This fee is required of all students who take Driver's Ed and will not be waived.  Registration will begin on July  25th and run through July  29th.   
Location: East Davidson High School Library