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Scholarship Information 2021-2022

Please note that each future newsletter is an updated version of the last, and therefore when a new newsletter comes out, it is the same as the last one, with new scholarships added and the scholarships that have deadlines that have passed taken off.  Therefore, only the most recent newsletter will appear on this page.
If a scholarship has the word "CART" next to it, you can find paper applications in the scholarship cart in guidance.  These scholarships will also be posted on this page.  
State Employees Credit Union Scholarship
Please download the application, complete it and save it, and then email it back to Mrs. Sink ([email protected])
Complete and sign the consent form, and either scan and email it back to Mrs. Sink, or print it out and give it to Mrs. Sink.  
Please submit a photo (head shot) and copy of your college acceptance letter to Mrs. Sink
Look over the eligibility criteria and the FAQ's.
Everything is due to Mrs. Sink by March 11, 2022